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Why You Should Take The Course

Why You Should Take The Course

This course is specifically designed for four primary categories of people:  

1) The recent college graduate who is just starting their new career and is in the perfect position to start investing in their retirement fund.  

2) The couple that has been married 4-7 years who are embarking on new financial troubles that is causing unwarranted stress in their marriage – which might end if the issues are not resolved soon.  

3) The couple that has been married 10-15 years with some financial success during their relationship but has run into a financial emergency (sick parents, increased medical bills, loss of an income, etc.) and needs assistance in a course correction. 

4) Anyone who has struggled in managing their money and has incurred overwhelming debt that is looking for a way back to zero debt. 

If you feel that your situation fits one of these four categories, then this course is for you.  This course is instructed all in video with Mr. Newkirk telling the facts uniquely from his own past perspective and experiences. 

There are several great courses out there that will explain to you on a certain level what things you can do with your money that will bring success to being disciplined about your spending habits. However, your instructor Robert Newkirk takes the conversation to a deeper level about the bread and butter pinpointing critical spots and reasons why our spending habits have become so undisciplined over time and how to reel those habits back in.   

Newkirk believes that the bread and butter of all spending habits boils down to budgeting. His original method of Budgeting in 3-D by itself is a major reason why you should take this course. 

Budgeting in 3-D revolutionizes and completes the budgeting process where so many other budgeting methods fail. This combined with the philosophies of spiritual wealth, credit and debt resolution, and investment strategies puts the online course in a class by itself.