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Coinsequences of the Digital Dollar Part II

First, let me emphasize that this topic is just an informed opinion of what may be coming down in the short term future that you should be aware of.  The three steps to creating effective change in your life are: Awareness- you have to be aware of something that may be affecting you before your […]

Coinsequences of the Digital Dollar Part I

Bill Gates stated, “Transforming the underlying economics  of financial systems through digital currency  will help those in poverty directly and it will also support a host of other development activities, including health and agriculture… Cryptocurrency is capable of combating poverty.”  To the extent of Bill Gates quote, I would have to agree with it.  It […]

COVID-19 and Economics

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 has made a major upset in our society and around the world.  The last count that I noted was over 190,000 deaths in the US have occurred due to COVID-19.  That’s more than the number of deaths the US has experienced in the last three wars combined! Horrifying! But what […]

Introducing the Digital Dollar!

In October, 2019, Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation have filed a patent pending application for a microchip that has the capability to track currency under a digital format.  This microchip can include cryptocurrency.  Apparently, Bill Gates also in partnership with the corporation of Visa, proposed a bill to the House of Representatives to develop […]