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Why We Created This

Why Did We Create This?

Within the last few years, our country has taken an unprecedented economic turn to where we can no longer be frivolous with our money. The economy is being taken into a new era and we are not ready for it. We are not ready!

If we do not get ourselves ready soon, we will be left way behind and essentially out of reach of the new American dream. If we do not get ourselves ready soon, it will become the new American Dream-On!

We created this course to provide direct communication to you on the skills and the tools that you will need to ensure that your American Dream will live on and prosper. Money is a counterintuitive sport. Our course will provide you definitive tools that you will need to transform your approach to money.

There is a formula called the 10-10-80 rule that states if you give 10% of your earnings to tithes and offerings or charities, 10% to yourself, and 80% to living expenses, you will never need money again, regardless of how much income you bring in. But in order to achieve this, you must put discipline to your money and your spending habits.

Our course will set you on the right track to easily accomplish the 10-10-80 rule.

One of the biggest obstacles that most people claim prevents them from being successful with their money is the process of budgeting. Many marriages often fail around the whole issue of finances and budgeting. People often get frustrated if their projected budget isn’t followed to the tee. Unfortunately, this scenario will happen 99.9% of the time.

So welcome to Budgeting in 3-D! Budgeting in Three Dimensions is our personally developed philosophy of how to budget successfully every time without becoming frustrated in the process. And you will get very good at it in taking our course!

Our uniquely designed Budgeting App will help you not only become great at budgeting your finances now but become a master at budgeting for years to come. Budgeting is the bread and butter of becoming successful financially. And it was written specifically for you!

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