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Budgeting Tool

What is the Budgeting Tool?

Robert Newkirk’s philosophy, Budgeting in Three Dimensions, is a revolutionary train of thought when it comes to the budgeting process. Budgeting is so critical when it comes to bringing financial success and peace, yet so many couples and individuals fail at budgeting over the course of time.  

This budgeting tool was developed to implement the Budgeting in 3-D method so that more people can achieve success in their budgeting efforts. The budgeting tool represents three budgets wrapped into one application: The Projected Budget, the Actual Budget, and the Summary Budget. Each budget serves a specific purpose such that when combined helps give the user a streamlined budgeting process that helps them become masters at budgeting over time and helps them achieve financial security.   

The budgeting course explains in detail why budgeting is so important, what Budgeting in 3-D entails, and a demonstration of the Budgeting Tool and how the tool functions giving you the data that you need to have an effective budgeting process. 

Why you should use the Budgeting Tool 

The use of a budget on a month-to-month basis has created much stress, havoc, and ultimately failure to launch for many people over the years. This is especially true for people who find themselves living from paycheck to paycheck or on an income that is not enough to properly support their family.   

Our Budgeting Tool will take that stress, havoc, and ultimate failure out of the process and create an environment where you will become a master at budgeting. It will help instill discipline into your spending habits and allow you the latitude to compensate for emergencies that love to come up at the most inopportune times.  

The Budgeting Course takes demo of the Budgeting in 3-D process and the works of the Budgeting Tool. To make sure that the Budgeting Tool is for you, there is a 60-day free trial of the use of the Budgeting Tool.