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How to Purchase the Course

How to Purchase the Course

The retail value for the purchase of the In-Debt to Debt-Free Online Money Management Course is $360.00.

But we are offering an Annual Membership to the Website for only $299.99!  The membership includes unlimited access to the all 12 Sessions of the In-Debt to Debt-Free Money Management Course, exclusive access to the Budgeting Tool to help you implement the philosophy, Budgeting in THREE Dimensions, and a download of the ebook In-Debt to Debt-FREE: Life’s Roadmap to Financial Security once you complete Session One of the course. Finally as a part of the membership, you will have access to additional, regularly updated content unique to annual members, including podcasts, webinars, interviews, articles, and more. Topics will include Mental, Spiritual, & Social Wealth, Budgeting, Investing, and expanded content from the book, In Debt to Debt FREE: Life’s Roadmap to Financial Security

The a la carte price for the Budgeting Tool includes a 60-day free trial of the use of the tool.  After the free trial period, continued use of the Budgeting Tool will be for a membership recurring fee of $9.99 per month.

The book, In Debt to Debt FREE: Life’s Roadmap to Financial Security, is scheduled for release in April 2021 for the retail value of $19.95 per copy. Also available will be Robert Newkirk’s previous book, THEE Diamond of Life: Redefining and Releasing Your Inner Gift of Power. The retail value is $29.95 per copy.