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Welcome to 2022!

Greetings and Happy New Year! I was told that 2021 was like a baby that pooped in her diaper.  So you get up, take the baby to its changing table, take off the soiled diaper, clean the baby up, powder the baby’s butt, get a new pair of pajamas as the poop got on the old pair, freshen the baby all up, and put the baby back in the crib. As soon as you sit down, the baby poops again! That’s 2021!

We lost two great icons at the end of December 2021, John Madden and Betty White, COVID-19 came back at the end with the Omicron variant, experienced significant declines in the stock market and saw the luster lost with cryptocurrency.  So welcome to 2022!

We have some exciting content coming to you in the next few months.  First, we will have Money Myth Mondays where there will be a brief discussion on the validity of some myths you may have heard during your childhood that may have altered your perspective on money.  Also on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will continue our “Budgeting in THREE Dimensions Podcast Series” featuring some distinguished guests who will share their expertise on financial matters and the importance of budgeting both in business and personal. So don’t miss any segments coming soon to your blogging network!

I look forward to a new year of possibilities and prosperity…

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