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COVID-19 and Economics

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 has made a major upset in our society and around the world.  The last count that I noted was over 190,000 deaths in the US have occurred due to COVID-19.  That’s more than the number of deaths the US has experienced in the last three wars combined! Horrifying! But what I find astonishing is the possibility that the spread of COVID-19 could be directly related to an upcoming global economic shift! In other words, could COVID-19 have been a purposeful move to instigate the implementation of digital currency?  I say that noting two things: 1) COVID-19 is a “man-made” bacterial infection.  2) In October, 2019, the The NSC Directorate for Global Health and Security and Bio-Defense was disassembled right at the point signs of the virus was showing itself. Beth Cameron, the first director of the directorate said that shortly before 2017, the unit was watching a rising number of cases in China of a deadly strain of the flu and a yellow fever outbreak in Angola. “It’s unclear whether the decision to disband the directorate, which was made in May 2018, was a tactical move to downgrade the issue or whether it was part of the White House’s interest in simplifying and shrinking the National Security Council staff,” Cameron says.  The directorate was completely disbanded by October 2019.

Around the same time in October 2019, Bill Gates, in conjunction with the corporation of  Visa, was championing the concept of the capability of tracking currency digitally.  Are these two events happening around the same time a coincidence? Possibly. Probably.  But the COVID-19 crisis and the fiasco of the government scrambling to pass the stimulus checks back in April 2020 was too much of a convenience for passing through the digital currency concept through the House and onto the Senate for us just to overlook the coincidence.  As the economy was tanking for small businesses needing onsite customers for their success, a lot of people had to be laid off  or furloughed just so those businesses could sustain themselves and shift to doing business in the new normal. People had to stay at home without the means to pay for their rent in order to somehow keep the virus contained. Hospitals were being taxed to their maximum capacity in battling COVID-19.  Yet if we had taken COVID-19 seriously for the beginning, a lot of lost lives, lost jobs, and the longevity of the season could have been avoided. But because we as the US did not take it as seriously upfront as other countries, this offered justification for the use of a Federal Reserve Digital Dollar as the government was delinquent in many cases of issuing the stimulus check to everyone that desperately needed it.

So the case made was if they had a Federal Digital Dollar, then they would have been able to get everyone the stimulus check that qualified in a timely manner.  That sounds good, but what would be the consequences if the Digital Dollar is implemented as a part of our national and international fiscal system?  (Keep in mind, there is also talk of the Digital Euro and other foreign currencies as well)  Stay tuned as we will explore the possible consequences of the Digital Dollar.

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